The future of last-mile delivery

2 min readJun 16, 2020

How does the future of last-mile deliveries looks like?

Here in Doorhub we have a strong opinion about deliveries (yeah we are working in this space dah!)

So lets cut to the chase. We are here to discuss how the future looks for last-mile deliveries. Specifically how does it look from a Ecommerce perspective.
How will the fullfillment work?

Todays logistic companies works like this;
1.Recieve order
2. Pick & Pack order
3. Label the order
4. Logistic companies pickup the order
5. Goes to a Fullfillment center
6. Delivered to customer

Here at we have another view about the fullfillment. We believe that the fullfillment will and should be more digital. With a cutting edge technology, Ecommerce will be able to offer faster and more transparent last mile deliveries if and when the logistic companies will be more digital.
So look.. If we say that the fullfillment will be managed by ML technology so when the order is labelled, it will also be auto-distributed. Not convinced yet?

Ok follow me on this.
We know that logistic companies uses huge ressources in their distribution centers, meanwhile auto-in-warehouse-distribution will release the hassle of human interfering, which will eventually make the orders to be handled more efficiently and cost-effective.

At Doorhub we operate with digital distribution, which make our partners deliveries much faster, transparent and cost-effective.

What is your opinion ?

Do you believe that digital distribution is the future ?

Let us hear from you.

Best Regards.
Operations team — Doorhub

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