Transparent last-mile deliveries

2 min readJun 16, 2020

How to improve as e-commerce and beat your competitors?

Here at Doorhub we believe that last-mile deliveries is THE most important factor for customer satisfaction and a longer LTV.

Lets try to go through the mechanism that can direct your customers to your shop over and over again.

  1. Transparent delivery. Make sure that you state the same about delivery time. Fast delivery is important but what is more important would be that you keep your promise — so if you say that your shop delivers same-day, you better have to deliver same-day — thats also the basics…
  2. Precise ETA’s from the time of the purchase— Give your customers their valuable time back, be ahead of your competitors, let your customers know what and when to expect the delivery — trust me on this one, they will LOVE you for it.
  3. Live-tracing & Live updates — let your customers stay-in-the-know, no more nervous phone calls. ETA updates during the delivery process.
  4. Multiple pickup & delivery slots. How long time does it take for your customers to hit a mall, get into their favorite store, make the purchase and go home again to use the product? Let me tell you. At least 45 minutes (without counting the time getting there and going back home) so it would be reasonable to say that +/- 5 minutes in each direction , which will make the time 55 minutes — as a minimum!
    By offfering multiple cut off times, you could be able to serve your customers within the same time! And think about it, wouldnt you use your time slightly better, instead of shuffling back and forward? I definetly would….

This is some of the points, that could optimize your customers life time value. And increase your customer satisfaction.

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